Christmas Is Over – Time to Take Care of Those Nasty Gutters

Just as quickly as Christmas came, it passed by¬†even quicker. Weeks of excess has taken its toll on your body and all those visitors has taken its toll on your home. But it’s not only internal damage your home has received over the past month, the exterior has also taken a pummeling. December has brought record rain fall across many regions of England and Liverpool has been no exception. When there is more precipitation than normal, it is important that your home is protected from water damage and damp. If your guttering system is not operating at 100% your home may be at risk.

Christmas Guttering

At JT Gutter Cleaning we do not take the maintenance of rain gutters lightly. We understand the important role they play and know how disastrous an over-whelmed drainage system can be. Luckily in Merseyside we have not seen the levels of flooding experienced elsewhere in Britain but the rainfall has still been heavy. The Mersey river is robust and has the capacity to deal with a lot of extra flow, preventing water levels from rising as it deposited millions of gallons into the Irish sea. Your guttering does not have the extra capacity needed to drain adequately regardless of their condition. All channels need to be cleaned allowing the water to drain away efficiently.

If you’ve noticed damp in the top corners of your ceilings and walls, then you may already have an issue. We do not undertake damp proof courses or repair damaged brickwork but we can prevent the issue from getting worse by ensuring your channels are clear and have not developed any leaks. Leaks are common place where metal or wooden installations are fitted. The use of wood as a building material is not common place in Liverpool but there are a small number of houses that still use this material. We are equipped to carry our any repairs necessary, regardless of the material used.

If you have received any of gutter cleaning gift cards for Christmas, they can be retrieved by calling our office and booking one of our team to come to your home. This year we have sold a record number of gift cards, with many people viewing them as novelty gifts. I know they are seen as a humerus gift to everyone but water damage is no laughing matter. If you require any of the services detailed on our services page, give us a call or drop us an e-mail.

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