Gutter Leak Dangers

What colour is your guttering? What do they even look like? The chances are to answer these questions you’d have to go outside and take a look. Most of us rarely think about our gutters until there is a problem that brings them right into our focus. We simply take our gutters for granted, even though we depend on them to keep our siding, walls and foundations dry. From an aesthetical standpoint we expect them to add to the look and feel of our home.

Leaking Gutters


Unfortunately, regardless of the installation job and general quality, gutters eventually require repair or replacement. This is where JT Gutter Cleaning comes to save the day, as the materials that these home saving systems are constructed from, all suffer when exposed to the harsh elements of a Merseyside winter. And upon failing, the rain they protect our homes from, comes gushing in, leaving us scrambling for the telephone to call for some help.

Don’t Bury Your Head in the Sand – Fix Those Leaks


Leaks when they are left unattended to, will produce dry rot and a whole host of nasty ailments that affect the structure of our homes. This will more often than not, lead to a structural problem that will be costly, in terms of money and time. Your home is probably the most expensive investment you will make. Trust me, it will pay off in the long run to make sure your gutters are in fully working order. It is simply a process of due diligence that you need to adopt, ensuring leaks are tackled as and when they happen.

Dry Rot


If following an inspection you discover that your guttering looks more like a sprinkler system than a system that is supposed to draw water away from the house, then call in a professional. It is of the utmost importance to carry out your own inspections but obviously only do this when it is raining, preferably when raining heavily. Some leaks may only become apparent during torrential downpours.


You’ve probably notices our vans on the road, we cover every area of Liverpool. We’ve had countless commendations from our customers and we are generally regarded as the best in the business. We understand the importance of what we do, so we undertake every job with a professional attitude that our customers just love. They know they’re in good hands when they are dealing with the guys from JT Gutter Cleaning. If you even think you might have a problem, give us a call and we’ll take care of it.

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