Rain Chains Anyone?

Rain chains are to rain what wind chimes are to wind. If you want a harmony playing throughout the outside area of your home, then wind chimes are not your only option. Rain chains help add a musical element to your garden area while carrying out the important work of draining water away from your home. Rain chains consist of little ornaments attached to a metal spiral that allows water to gently flow along it while giving off melodic chimes. They can also be made up of cups that overflow to let the water drip down to the next level. Whatever type you choose is entirely up to you and your requirements.


Rain chains originally came from south west Asia and have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Their initial use was to collect fresh rain water in areas with little natural spring water and store it for drinking and preparing food. The rain chain itself has evolved a lot in that time, with it now efficiently and effectively draining water away from your home. These chains provide something different to your home and completely transform your old gutters into something magical. They come in a variety of different materials and shapes but copper tends to be the most popular choice. Their simplicity and their unique visual appeal, has made them very popular in the western world. The sound of water cascading down the chain has an incredibly soothing and relaxing affect to all those who are in ear shot of the rain chain. Ancient Asian martial arts, such as tai chi often use the sound of water to help them achieve oneness and help them drift into a meditated state.


At a time when homeowners are trying just about everything to jazz up their homes, the switch from guttering to decorative gutters has become a common one. They also have an added advantage over standard rain gutters, in that they are not as prone to leaf and other debris clogging. This gives them a distinct advantage over their less exciting counterparts. To install these devices in the place of down pipes, just remove the existing pipes and secure under the hole where the original piping was secured. You can have it feeding straight into the drainage systems below or collect the water using a barrel or a ceramic pot.

Whatever option you choose for your home, be aware that more than one option is available to you. My advice is to be brave and be the envy of your neighbours by trying something a little bit different.


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