The Importance of Gutter Inspections

Throughout the UK this year we have received relatively heavy snowfall compared to previous years, with more than a foot of snow falling in certain areas. In Liverpool we’ve received on average 4 inches of snow in February, compared to 1 inch in the previous year. The weight of this snow pushing downwards on your gutters can easily dislodge the brackets, causing the guttering to come loose. When adverse weather conditions are experienced, it is important for homeowners to keep a close eye on their gutters and roofing. Any damage to this system must be repaired as quickly as possible before more serious problems set in. The inspection of your guttering should be a regular occurrence which ideally should be undertaken twice a year. The maintenance of your system should be of utmost importance and keeping the channels clean is essential to ensuring efficient water run-off performance.


At JT Gutter Cleaning we provide a gutter inspection service but it you want to carry out the inspection yourself, it is important to take the appropriate safety precautions.  Most gutter work requires the use of a ladder but it is important to use an appropriately sized ladder that requires the inspector not to over-reach.  When planting your ladder, it is important to ensure that the ladder is standing on ground that is both solid and level. If possible secure the ladder to the wall or at the very least, get a friend or neighbour to hold the ladder for you. If at any point your feel uncomfortable carrying out this work, give us a call.


It is best to inspect gutters when it is raining, as this will help you find cracks and holes more easily. Check for wells of water that may be forming inside the gutter, as this is often a sign the run-off angles are not large enough. Try to ascertain whether or not the channels appear to be sagging and pulling the structure away from the wall. If this is the case, you may need the guttering secured to the fascia again. If water is streaming down the side of the wall, your gutter apron may be damaged or completely missing. Leaks such as this can be hazardous to the foundations of any home and must be remedied as soon as possible. If you have any these issues, do not panic. Just pick up the phone and give us a call.

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