Your Gutters

We all are aware of the integral role our gutters play in safeguarding our homes from water damage but what do we actually know about the technology itself? Gutters are secured to the wall or fascia using four different approaches. The particular method used by the gutter installer can be easily identified by examining the brackets that hold the structure in place. Assessing the method used for installing your gutters becomes very important when carrying out maintenance or repair projects. These brackets are usually placed every 24 inches but you may be able to use a larger spacing depending on the material used for the gutter.


The four methods used to install guttering are as follows:

  • Concealed screw bracket – A hidden bracket screw which is already attached to the hanger is used to secure the bracket to the fascia.
  • Fascia Bracket – This is the most commonly used method for hanging gutters, with nails or screws used to attach the gutter to the fascia.
  • Ferrule Brackets – Ferrules can be used in conjunction with brackets to provide a more secure fixing to the fascia board.
  • Roof Hung Brackets – These types of bracket are secured to the roof and are commonly found in new build homes.


When carrying out any work on your guttering system, the necessary safety precautions must be adhered to. As discussed in other areas of this website, the importance of adopting a safe approach to gutter maintenance should be paramount. You should never try to reach your gutters by standing on a roof or a conservatory frame. A ladder that easily reaches the gutter without the need for the person carrying out the work having to extend their reach is a must. If you do not have the required equipment it is always best to employ a professional, as we have the training and know-how to carry out the job safely. It is very easy to lose your balance when standing on a pitched roof and hundreds of people die each year falling from roofs in the UK. For homes that are two storeys or more, you will need an extendable ladder that can be secured to the wall or fascia. Bungalows or single storey buildings can have their gutters maintained using a step ladder or portable scaffolding. When using any ladder it is important that you never have to stand on the last two steps to be able to reach the gutter. If this is the case, then you are clearly using the wrong sized ladder.

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